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Episode Archive

238 episodes of The Film Find since the first episode, which aired on November 15th, 2011.

  • Episode 235: Shampoo

    May 4th, 2020  |  28 mins 8 secs

    On this episode Adam and Matt marvel over Warren Betty's hair and ability to get the ladies in this movie that was "inspired" by the guy who gave us a big metal spider in Will Smith's Wild Wild West....oh, and Nixon. “Shampoo” (streaming on...

  • Episode 234: Doctor Sleep

    April 30th, 2020  |  56 mins 19 secs

    This episode Adam and Matt talk Doctor Sleep. We both have mix feelings about Kubrick’s film but we’re both fans of Director Mike Flanagan’s work- will Flanagan become King’s next Frank Darabont?  “Doctor Sleep” (streaming...

  • Episode 233: Onward

    April 30th, 2020  |  39 mins 46 secs

    This week Adam and Matt take on the “quicker to VOD and streaming faster than usual” hit, Onward from Disney/Pixar. But this looks like Dreamworks Animation- is Pixar off base? “Onward” (streaming on Disney+) Highlights Discussion of...

  • Episode 232: Fail Safe

    April 20th, 2020  |  33 mins 30 secs

    On this episode Adam and Matt break down the classic Fail Safe, a 1964 Cold War thriller film directed by Sidney Lumet, based on the 1962 novel of the same name by Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler. “The Hunt” (streaming rental on all platforms)...

  • Episode 231: Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

    April 15th, 2020  |  29 mins 19 secs

    We're still stuck behind quarantined doors but that and that means we've got more time for movies and thus more time for shows and this episode we're checking out the new Kevin Smith film, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.  “Jay and Silent Bob...

  • Episode 230: The Hunt

    April 13th, 2020  |  32 mins 7 secs

    This episode Adam and Matt talk about another film that had a bit of a short run in theaters but is now streaming. But COVID-19 wasn't the only hill this movie had to climb as it had been delayed before- but was that delay even warranted? “The...

  • Episode 229: McMillions (HBO)

    April 8th, 2020  |  25 mins 20 secs

    Episode 188- “McMillions” (available on HBO/Go/Now) Highlights Discussion of FBI Agent Doug & high school grads-turned-hometown COPS. Resources

  • Episode 228: Harlem Nights

    April 6th, 2020  |  35 mins 30 secs

    Episode 187 “Harlem Nights” (streaming on Netflix) Highlights Discussion of Eddie Murphy’s career in the 1980s Discussion of Della Reese, Redd Foxx, and Richard Pryor Resources

  • Episode 227: Re-Animator: Stuart Gordon Remembered

    April 1st, 2020  |  22 mins 41 secs

    Episode 186- Re-Animator: Stuart Gordon Remembered “Re-Animator” (streaming on Shudder) Highlights  Discussion of Stuart Gordon, the director of Re-Animator, who recently passed away Discussion of low-budget filmmaking style in the...

  • Episode 226: The Invisible Man (2020)

    March 30th, 2020  |  32 mins 48 secs

    This episode we talk the recently added to streaming THE INVISIBLE MAN. Is it worth the $20 rental?

  • Episode 225: Streaming in the Time of Corona

    March 27th, 2020  |  33 mins 1 sec

    We are BACK and we've got a TON of new content coming your way. This episode Matt Smith is BACK and we're talking about streaming and the possible future of cinema in light of recent coronavirus outbreak.

  • Episode 224: Film Find 5- What Makes a Christmas Movie?

    December 24th, 2019  |  9 mins 5 secs

    On this Film Find 5 (which is a bit more- but it's CHRISTMAS!) Adam talks about what makes a Christmas movie.